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A. Organizer

Event is organized by sports agency – Eurofest d.oo. Ulica 15. Maja 21, 6000 Koper, Slovenia.
Accommodation for participants is only possible through the organizer!

Every 28th Eurofest participant will receive an Eurofest pass at the arrival. Only with this card you are allowed to take part in the tournament, enter to tournament premises and use special offers of tournament partners.


Eurofest pass owner is allowed to:

  •  Participate in the tournament as a player or an official
  • Enter sport halls, expecialy their cloakrooms and corridors
  • Free transportation to sport halls
  • Free enter and participation on all events of tournament
  • Have other benefits and discounts

Price: 20€  (included in Eurofest package price).

B. Application for participation

Participation fees are:

  • 130 € if paid until 15.11.2019
  • 150 € if paid until 15.1.2020
  • 180 € if paid after 15.1.2020

Team is registered officially when registration fee and deposit of 10% of accommodation costs are paid.

All payments are to be made on the transaction account of company Eurofest sport agency d.o.o.:

IBAN: SI56 10100 0038644698 // SWIFT: BAKOSI2X.

C. Payment of Service (Accomodation, Food, Money Deposit)

  • Payment of registration fee and 10% of deposit for accommodation has to be paid within 20 working days from the day of application, if the application was till December. If registration is submitted from January to May, then the registration fee and 10% advance payment must be settled immediately.
  • Last term for confirmation of application and contract return with complete data (category, no. of participants, information about accommodation type, first and last meal…) is 15th May 2020.
  • On arrival all teams have to pay money deposit (150€ per team) for potential damages cause by teams during Eurofest. Deposit is refondable in case no damage occure at team accommodation and nearby surrounding at time of check out. At the same time this deposit commits teams to attend all important social events as opening and closing ceremony. 

D. Registration

  • The team is registered officially when registration fee and deposit of 10% of accommodation costs are paid.
  • Last term for registration is 1st April 2020 or till the places are filled, after that date the accommodation costs are 10% higher
  • Since there are limited accommodation capacities and number of halls and playgrounds, at the Eurofest 28 will participate approximately 210 teams
  • If the number of participants increases and the desired accommodation, it is fully occupied, the organizer has the right to accommodate additional participants in another accommodation and gives the price determined for this type of accommodation.

E. Payment Deadlines

Accommodation is divided into 2 categories: Category A and Category B

  • in Category A are: Bonifika, Primary School Koper, Primary School Dušan Bordon, Anton Ukmar Elementary School, Gymnasium Koper, Youth Hostel Koper, Hostel Histria, Villa Domus, Hotel Koper, Hotel Žusterna, Hotel Koper, Hotel Bio, Gianni rooms
  • In Category B: Primary School Vojka Šmuc, Primary School Dante Alighieri, Primary School Prade, Hostel Port, Hostel Prisoje, Hostel

Secret Garden, Hotel Belvedere

Payment deadlinesPayment
20 days after the applicationregistartion fee + 10% accommodation
till 20.1.202020.2.2020registartion fee + 40% accommodation
till 1.5.202030.5.2020other 50% accommodation

* After 20.1.19, deadlines as set out in the table above are taken into account for booking accommodation and participation in Eurofest. For example: registration

30.1.19, the team must pay the registration fee + 50% of the accommodation.

F. Cancellation or Reduction of number of participants or teams

The categories are explained in the previous section

Cancelation deadlineRefund*
till 30.12.2019till 30.1.2020refund of 10% accommodation
till 20.2.2020till 20.4.2020refund of  40% accommodation
till 1.5.2020till 30.5.2020refund of 50% accommodation
after 1.5.2020after 30.5.2020We are not returning money

*The registration fee will not be refunded due to additional administrative work

G. Other general terms of cooperation

  • Arrival before the official date of festival and departure after official conclusion date is possible with prior agreement with the organizer. Any additional service is payable.
  • The accommodation and food facilities are limited, so with facilities getting booked, a choice is being reduced. The team which has previously booked requested accommodation has priority to choose where to stay.
  • In some types of accommodation, meals are organized in other (nearby) dining facility.
  • Teams that are accommodated at schools, where showers are not provided, have to use showers in the nearby playgrounds and familiar places, where matches are organized.
  • In case participants do not respect “house” rules at the playground or at the accommodation facility and do not behave properly, the organizer has the right to punish them with warning and deposit retention. Participants who despite warning continue with breaking rules and bad behaviour, will be excluded from the tournament.
  • Any violation or causing damage is under the responsibility of the club/ team management.
  • The participants of Eurofest participate on their own responsibility. During festival organizer does not provide any insurance, so they have to take care of this issue in their home country.
  • The minimum number of person is 12 per team.
  • In case of insufficient number of registered teams in individual category, the organiser may decide to merge the two categories.
  • With signing the contract, you agree that all the personal data, will be used only for the purpose of the organisation of the tournament and accommodation arrangement.
  • All the information of the players will be used only for the accommodation check in (we have to send the Police station of Koper all the information of the participants staying in Koper) and identity verification in the playgrounds. All the personal information will be saved according to the General data regulation protection and will be destroyed after the end of the tournament.
  • The data of the clubs and their representatives will be collected and used for the purpose of registering for the tournament and for informing about all the news and changes of the tournament, as well as for further information about other tournaments and events at Eurofest d.o.o.
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