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Check out basic competition information and rules for mini handball.




Game timeBall size      

WI (senior)

2 x 20 min56 cm

WH (2002)

2 x 15 min54 cm

WG (2007)

2 X 15 min54 cm

WF (2009)

2 x 15 min52 cm

WE (2010)

2 x 15 min52 cm

WD (2011)

2 x 15 min50 cm

WC (2012)

2 x 15 min48 cm

WB (2013) – mini handball (1+4)

2 x 8 min46 – 48 cm

WA (2014) – mini handball (1+4)

2 x 8 min46 cm



Game timeBall size            

MI (senior – 1996)

2 x 20 min58 cm

MH (2002)

2 x 15 min56 cm

MG (2007)

2 X 15 min56 cm

MF (2009)

2 X 15 min54 cm

ME (2010)

2 x 15 min52 cm

MD (2011)

2 x 15 min50 cm

MC (2012)

2 x 15 min48 cm

MB (2013) – mini handball (1+4)

2 x 8 min48 cm

MA (2014) – mini handball (1+4)

2 x 8 min46 – 48 cm


1.) The competition takes place under the rules of Handball Federation Slovenia.

2.) The winner in the qualifications (in the group) in the team is the team which win a greater number of points.

In case of equal number of points, the winner is decide by the order of the results of mutual matches:

  • The number of points in their mutual matches.
  • Goal difference, in their matches.
  • More performance goals, in their matches.
  • Goal difference together and the total number of goals achieved.

3.) Time out

In qualifications  “time out” is not possible to use. “Time out” is possible only in the final match.

4.) Final match

If the game ends with the tie, the winner is selected based on the final outcome of seven-meters penalty throw:

  1. Each team has five seven-meters penalty throw (more players)
  2. In case of re-tie, seven-meters penalty throw are preformed until we get the final winner (penalty throw can be preformed by only one player)
5.) Jersey or. dress

In the event that both teams have the same colour of jersey, must the first appointed team replace it with jersey of another colour.

6.) Delay or not coming to the match

If the team is late more than 15 minutes without unjustified reason,or does not come to the match team loose with the result of the match 0:6.

In the event of a recurrence of delays, the team looses the game with the outcome 0:6, the team excluded from further competition.

7.) Verification of the identity of players

Verification of the identity of individual players is carried out at the request of management teams and by the judges before the game. The player can be identified only with a passport or identity card. To the extent that a player does not have, a corresponding document of identification that cannot start the game, except in the case of an agreement, the head of the team with the lead judges to deliver their identity document within 30 minutes after the end of the game and then made the identification. If it is proven that, the player does not correspond to the category in which it had, the player excluded from further competition.

8.) Complaints

Appeal to the lodging of 100 Euro must be submitted in writing immediately after the race to the table and delegates. One hour after the game in the ‘Press Centre’. All complaints will be considered by a Disciplinary Board. In the event that the appeal is favourably resolved, the deposit is returned.

9.) Disciplinary measures (on the handball courts and next to the courts)

Leadership of the contest or the disciplinary board action in the event of complaints, disciplinary offences, or in case of non-sporting misconduct (fighting, criticism, ect) players or management teams that occur during the competitions in playgrounds or outside them.

In the event of non-sporting behaviour of players or officials of the team, a physical attack on the judges or the counterparty players, the player or an official is reported to the disciplinary commission. Which only it can be punishable by a ban on playing one game, in the event of serious misconduct non-sporting it can be excluded from competitions with the tournament. If non-sporting behaviour of the player or official who has been penalized with reminders or was band to play one game, repeat he or she is excluded from the tournament.

All the participants in the tournament should adhere to the rules prohibiting playing with ball, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages in accommodation (schools, student hostels, hotels). In case of violation of this rule, the team is warned, if the “offence” is repeated again, the team is excluded from the tournament without recourse of all of the costs.

Minor players (under 18 years) must always be accompanied by the head of the team (responsible adults).

10.) Medical care/ health insurance

Upon arrival teams are obliged to deliver a list of all participants with the following information to the Eurofest organisation team: name, date and place of birth, address of residence, the number of identity documents.

All tournamenta participants must have international health and accident insurance as the organizer does not take any responsibility of any costs of treatment. Organizer ensures that at each field has a medical staff, which provide emergency medical assistance in case of injuries incurred during the competitions.

All participants participate in the event at their own risk. The organizer does not take responsibility for unforeseen events before, during and after the tournament.

11.) Others

In case of insufficient number of registered teams in individual category, the organizer may decide to merge the two categories.


Competition rules
Rules for this age category are based on rules of the International Handball Federation (IHF) and Handball Federation of Slovenia.
For a better and »cleaner« game, we want the teams (trainers) to follow the following recommendations in the game: personal defense, prohibition of fauling defenders with embrace, keeping an attacker without a ball.

Rule 1 – Playground
The competition takes place at the school gym, the dimensions of the playground are approx. 28m x 15m.

Rule 2 – Game time
The playing time is 2 x 8 minutes. Between game is 4 minutes for break.

Rule 3 – Goal
The size of the goals is 300 cm x 180 cm.

Rule 4 – Ball
Category 2013 can play with a ball of 48 cm, number 0. The category 2014 can play, with the agreement of both trainers, with ball of 46 cm, number of ball 00. The ball must be made of soft materials with good grip.

Rule 5 – Team
The team consists of up to 8 players. At the beginning of the game, each team must have 5 players on the court, one of them is a goalkeeper.

Rule 6 – Equipment
Players of one team must wear uniform and panties, which clearly distinguish themselves from the opponent’s color. The team can also play with marking t-shirts.

Rule 7 – Exclusions
An excluded player can return to the game as soon as the opposing team reaches a goal. Exclusion can take up to 1 minute.

Rule 8 – Start of the game
Referee and team representatives do the draw, where one team choose the ball, the other team has the right to choose the site. Team which choose the ball in a draw has to make the starting shut at the beginning of the game. The starting shot is performed by the goalkeepe from the goalkeeper’s space.
At the beginning of the second half, the teams are changed by the sides, and the starting shut has the other team.

Rule 9 – Fouls and unsportsmanlike behavior
A. In the defense is not allowed:
– a player attempts to tear the ball out of the opponent’s hand,
– the player can not hug the opponent who has the ball,
– the player can not jump to the attacker
B. The following “violations” are permitted in the defense for preventing play-offs and goal-shoots:
– the defensive player with his hands establishes a physical contact with the opponent “hand-hip”
– the defensive player controls and monitors the attacker by extrusion, but he can not push the attacker

Rule 10 – Other special rules
a. Teams must use individual (personal) defense, so each player is responsible for monitoring his attacker over the entire playing area. If the team fails to comply with this rule, the judge first warns them. If they still persist in an unlawful defense formation (using zone defense), the judge punishes the team by excluding the official of the team (trainer).
b. If a judge excludes an official, the official can remain on the bench for players but in this case the team plays one minute with the player less – (see the Rule 7).
c. After the goal, the game continues without an initial shot. Goalkeeper from the goalkeeper’s room throw the ball to the player. In the event that a player is in the immediate vicinity of goalkeeper’s space, the defender must allow an unobstructed reception of the ball.
d.After exercising a free shot, the player performing it must be at least 2m away from the goalkeeper’s space.
e. Both teams have to welcome eachother before and after the match.

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